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What is an inclusive University?

This is a higher educational institution where students with disabilities study together with ordinary students.

Do these universities have educational programs for students with hearing, vision, and movement difficulties?

Of course there is, because the educational institution specializes in this area. If there is no such program for any discipline (subject) at the moment, the University will get the necessary methods by contacting the Association of inclusive universities.

Is distance learning possible?

Возможно. Однако, основная цель инклюзивного обучения – очное посещение занятий, и сдача экзаменов. Для этого вуз создает доступную архитектурную среду, и дополнительные условия на занятиях. Дистанционное обучение допускается в определенные периоды, связанные с осложнением по здоровью.

Can the Association of inclusive higher education institutions train specialists for an ordinary higher education institution, where there is no inclusive education yet, but the University is preparing for such a prospect?

Of course it can. The Association of inclusive universities has not only the necessary training and retraining programs for such specialists, but also has accumulated many years of experience in this area.

What do I need to become a member of the Association of inclusive universities, or a partner in specific projects?

To become a member or partner of the Association of inclusive universities, you need to get acquainted with the documents on the website, and, if you agree with their content, come out with an offer of cooperation.

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