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Moscow state psychological and pedagogical University

Basic information

Moscow state psychological and pedagogical University (msppu) is a state – funded educational institution established in 1996.

Msppu is the first psychological University in Russia: 12 faculties, including 7 psychological departments, 23 psychological departments, 22 specialties and training areas. University teachers are a unique community of practicing experts in various fields of psychology — education, clinical, social, extreme, legal, Advisory, special, experimental psychology, distance learning, inclusive education, and information technology.

Education University for the concerned people. Teachers and students are ready to change the life of society for the better. They strive to solve social problems and help the most vulnerable groups of the population. The doors of the University are always open for students with disabilities, and MGPPU creates a friendly and accessible educational environment for each student.

Msppu is a University where education is not limited to specific professional competencies. Students develop scientific thinking, form their own trajectory of professional development in accordance with their personal interests and plans for the future.

MGPPU-combines the traditions of scientific research and orientation to practice. Together with the Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of education, it is a single scientific and educational complex “Psychology”. Research work of students and post-graduate education is directly related to advanced basic research.

Msppu is a complex of research and practice centers, laboratories, and model resource centers: MEG Center, Institute of experimental psychology, Resource training and methodological center (RMC) for teaching disabled people and people with disabilities, FRC for organizing comprehensive support for children with autism spectrum disorders, Institute of inclusive education, Children’s helpline, center for expertise of games and toys, and others.

Msppu — in the course of training, each student takes an internship in various institutions that cooperate with the University: kindergartens and centers, comprehensive and inclusive schools, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

Msppu-created unique knowledge bases about social practices with proven effectiveness, which can be used by any specialist-msppu fundamental library, portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru and others.

Msppu-is actively engaged in international activities. Cooperation agreements have been signed with more than 40 universities from near and far abroad. The University is working on dual degree programs in psychology with universities in other countries: France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Italy. The University participates in the Bologna process, which means both academic mobility of students and the transition to a two-stage system of education. Our students and graduates will be able to study in other countries and foreign students from Italy, Montenegro, Turkey, China, USA, Bangladesh, UK and other countries at our University. Students and postgraduates from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Moldova, and Azerbaijan study at the University under the “Integrated target medium-term program for implementing state policy towards compatriots”.

Information about the educational organization (in accordance with the order of Rosobrnadzor dated may 29, 2014 No. 785 “on approval of requirements for the structure of the official website of an educational organization in the information and telecommunications network “Internet” and the format for presenting information on it»)/

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